Morning Wishes My First Post

February 8, 2010

Well this is morning time and cool breeze is blowing outside. Due to heavy rain, the weather becomes colder and somewhat romantic as well. While writing my first blog entry I was thinking about the past, some memories related with morning. That was the time when I had sms on my cell phone in the morning from someone special to say good morning to me.

That was not only a good morning message; it shows the deepest feelings of the other person for me that she prays for me every morning. I wasn’t aware of the morning wishes or quotes but after meeting her and spending time with her, I realized that morning wishes and quotes are the best indicator of someone emotions.

Although I go to sleep late in the night so that’s why couldn’t get up early in the morning but still I wait for a morning sms from her, so that’s the attraction and affiliation.

When you are affiliated with someone you always wait for wishes from him/her on different occasions like birthday events, morning time, night time, rainy day or examination time. Because these small things (not small in real) plays an important role in your life so don’t miss your love by avoiding things like sending morning wishes everyday in the morning.

Think for a while, if you send morning wishes to your loved one in the morning or good night sms in the night, how much happy he/she will be. You cannot imagine these small greeting plays an important role in strengthening your relations.

Overall it was a good experience to write a first blog entry here, but my dear it was written only to show you the importance of morning wishes in our relations. Now I hope you got the idea of morning wishes quotes, I wanted to write more on wishes and specially the morning quotes but I am sleepy and tired now. I will write more on this topic in future


Have a Good Day!

Good Morning For Friends

May 20, 2012

morning quote

good morning words

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New Romantic Birthday Wishes

May 4, 2011

New Romantic Birthday Wishes Collection

romantic birthday wishes

My Wishes

My wishes are silent but true

Every where they will follow you

Luck is waiting for you

But wishes are mine

I wish your present


future will always be shinning.

Happy Birthday Darling!

For writing some romantic birthday wishes you must be in love with someone.

Birthday Messages At Best

April 28, 2011

Birthday messages are important for everyone, you can send these messages to your lover, friends, parents, brother and sisters. There is no problem of age at all, you can send such messages to a person of any age.

Some people faces trouble while writing some great birthday messages for their lover. There is no issue at if you are one of them. Express your feelings without any hesitation and that’s the only way to express your deepest emotions for the other person. There are many other things to be considered while writing some best birthday messages.

Writing birthday messages is an art and time taking. So here we have collected some best birthday message for you. You can copy them or re-write them in your own words, both option will work for you.

The day, you born

It must be a rainy day
when you were born,
but it wasn’t rain,
the sky was weeping because
it has lost its most beautiful person…
Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday Video

Some of the best Birthday messages for your friends and lover.


Birthday Messages Are Important

March 7, 2011

An Important Event, Birthday

Birthday is an important day for everyone whether he/she is in 20s or 40s or in 80s, this day brings a lot of excitement. At this day people think what they achieved in their life as another year has been passed. There are different ways to celebrate this beautiful day, some factors are involved in decision making. If its in 20s then this day is mostly celebrated in the form of hanging out with friends and giving them dinner party at any restaurant. In 30s and 40s people use to arrange parties for their birthday or spending this important day with their loved one (its a nice idea).

Different activities noticed on this special day, like some people use to write birthday messages on greeting cards and send it to birthday party boy/girl.  Another great idea is to write birthday poems and enjoy birthday with these poems, definitely your lover will be very happy. Some people use to send birthday greetings cards and birthday gifts, all these activities are performed to show your love with other person.

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Best Birthday Messages Greetings

March 1, 2011

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Romantic Birthday Greeting Cards

February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

happy birthday card

Source: Romantic Birthday Greetings

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Happy Birthday Cards

Source: Best Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday Cards

happy-birthdaySource: Happy Birthday Wishes

I am collecting some best birthday greeting cards and I hope you will like it :)

Morning Wishes Card

January 18, 2011

morning wishes

Source: Morning Wishes and Good Morning Wishes

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A Nice Birthday Poem

January 13, 2011

happy birthdaySource: Birthday Wishes

happy birthdaySource: Romantic Birthday Wishes

Birthday Messages

September 16, 2010

A wish for your birthday

Each day is a new beginning, a new opportunity to learn about oneself and others, to cultivate the art of love and smiles to life, an invitation to sum excel.

I hope this day especially, will mark the beginning of a most successful year for you.



Click here for More birthday Messages


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Good Morning quotes for Special People

September 4, 2010

Today when I woke up I was in a deep thought that due to my busy routine I can not give proper time to my family and my dear friends who always stand with me in the thick and thin of this life. When I woke up in the morning I have not enough time to meet every one and collect their prayers.

And in the evening when I return back then I feel tired enough to go to bed and have some rest. Then rest of my time spends in other household activities. In night again I sleep with that thought that in the next morning I shall definitely go to my relatives or friends to meet them but the next also passes with the same matters.

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